Unveiling Procrastination and Anxiety: University Administration and Supervisory Role in Addressing Post-Submission Challenges faced by Doctoral Candidates


Supervisor, University Officials, Professional Rivalry, Barrier Politics, Collegial Erosion


This study sheds light on a specific and stressful scenario experienced by doctoral
students, characterized by increased anxiety, impatience, and frustration in the postsubmission of their dissertations caused by delay. The research aims to explore doctoral
candidates' multifaceted experiences as they navigate several challenges within the
academic context of both public and private sector universities in Pakistan. By highlighting
these complex challenges, the study seeks to provide valuable insights that can inform the
development of effective strategies to address and mitigate such problems. The study
collects detailed accounts from twenty doctoral students with three focus groups involving
33 participants. Their narratives provide insight into the years spent on research and
dissertation writing. Common themes that emerged from the data include professional
rivalry, barrier politics and collegial erosion. This study presents a deliberate delay of the
doctoral dissertation defence, providing a comprehensive analysis of the various
dimensions of this issue. Ultimately, the findings can potentially enhance the overall
educational environment for postgraduate candidates by promoting a more supportive and
efficient system