Comparative Study of Teaching Approaches in Public and Private Schools of Tehsil Sargodha


Teaching practices, Primary Teachers, Public & Private Schools


This study set out to explore the teaching methods employed by primary school
teachers in both public and private schools within Tehsil Sargodha. The research
encompassed the entire population of primary school teachers, spanning across private
and public educational institutions within Tehsil Sargodha. A total of forty (40) private
schools and sixty (60) public schools were selected randomly for inclusion in the study.
The questionnaire used for data collection was a self-developed tool that had undergone
validation by experts and a pilot testing. The internal consistency of the questionnaire, as
measured by Cronbach's Alpha, yielded a high reliability coefficient of 0.947. For data
analysis, mean scores, standard deviations, and t-tests were employed. The findings of this
research indicated that the teaching practices employed by primary teachers in both
private and public schools were found to be equivalent. Furthermore, the study revealed
that there was no significant difference in teaching practices between male and female
primary teachers in both private and public schools. In light of these results, it is
recommended that head teachers maintain a consistent vigilance over the teaching
strategies utilized by their staff and actively guide them toward the adoption of more
effective teaching methods.