The Impact of Knowledge Hiding on Extra-Role Performance: The Role of Emotional Exhaustion as a Mediator and Political Skill as a Moderator


Emotional Exhaustion, Extra Role Performance, Knowledge Hiding, Political Skill


The purpose of this study was to explore the impact of knowledge hiding on extra-
role performance as mediated by emotional exhaustion and moderated by political skill.

The data of 348 employees of service sector were collected by using purposive sampling
technique. This research was quantitative in nature and correlation research design was
used. Results of current study confirmed that knowledge hiding has an impact on emotional
exhaustion and emotional exhaustion impact on extra-role performance. Knowledge hiding
has impact on extra-role performance. Emotional exhaustion mediated the relation
between knowledge hiding and extra-role performance. Political skill moderated the
relation between knowledge hiding and emotional exhaustion. This research contributes to
existing literature and also practical contributions for organizations.