Correlation between Prospective Teachers Teaching Aptitude and Academic Achievement


  • Mubashara Akhtar


Prospective teachers’ aptitude, and academic achievement


Aptitude is a distinct ability that differs from ordinary intellectual ability. It assists an individual in obtaining the necessary level of skill in a given subject, such as teaching. This descriptive study intended to find out the relationship between prospective teachers' aptitude for teaching and their academic achievement at university. Quantitative correlational research design was adopted. Population consisted of all newly admitted undergraduate and graduate university students from department of Education and sample was 282. Data was collect through purposive sampling technique and based on (TATB) by Singh and Sharma (1998). Questionnaire was adopted and consisted of 30 items included open-ended and close-ended questions was based on National Professional Standards and follow the knowledge, skills and dispositions. The reliability of the questionnaire was 0.753 and validate from 5 experts from the Department of Education. This study found that the majority of prospective teachers in undergraduate program had an average level of teaching aptitude, whereas graduate prospective teachers had a low level of teaching aptitude. The correlation with GPA, Knowledge, skills and disposition there was significant week positive correlation. It is recommended that a teacher aptitude test may be taken for the admission in teacher education programs.