The Role of Human Resource Practices in Developing the Service Culture of Universities


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HRM practices, Teamwork, Communication, Empowerment, Norms, Values, Behavior, Service Culture


This study was conducted to explore contribution of Human Resource Practices towards the development of service culture of universities of the Punjab. Teamwork, communication and empowerment practices were chosen for exploring their effect on service culture. Three randomly selected universities of the Punjab were selected to collect data. Two hundred thirty one teaching and non-teaching staff members of selected universities were the sample of the study. A self-developed questionnaire on HRM practices and an adapted tool on service culture were used to collect data. The results of the research showed that there was strong relationship between teamwork, communication, empowerment and service culture. Linear regression analysis showed that there was significant effect of teamwork, communication and empowerment on service culture of universities. It was suggested that universities may focus on all HRM practices for developing service culture to help students and their parents