An Evaluation of Teaching Styles and Student’s Needs: A Case Study of Schools, Punjab, Pakistan


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Educational Problems, Teaching Methods, Learner Needs, Teacher Training, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Multiple Intelligences Theories.


This research paper aims to identify and evaluate the educational problems, specifically related to teaching methods in the Pakistan, Punjab, schools. This article is a part of two -phased research project which aims at; • Identification and evaluation of the existing problem. • Application of Bloom’s Taxonomy and Multiple Intelligences theories to diversify teaching methods to solve the existing problem. In this research paper, only part one is being discussed. The Pakistani education system directs that most teachers use traditional teaching methods and favour a teacher-centred teaching model. This way of teaching does not make a connection with the learning styles of students. The result of this teaching shows students struggling to learn and lack in their abilities. This research paper is only confined to identifying the problem through different data collection methods to reconfirm the existing problem. Furthermore, discusses the intervention plan for the second part of this research project