Supervisors Narcissism as an Antecedent of Abusive Supervision: A Mediating Role of Superiority Competitiveness


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Narcissism, Superiority Competitiveness, Supervisor Abusiveness.


Narcissist personalities tend to be more authoritative and desire to be powerful. Present study was conducted to find out mediating role of superiority competitiveness between the Supervisor’s Narcissism and abusiveness. Data was collected from four organizations and total sample size was N=185. Data collection was done with supervisors and their subordinates, who perceive their abusiveness. Abusive Supervision scale (Tepper, 2000) was used measure the perceived abused supervision. Narcissistic Personality Inventory (Ames, Daniel, Rose & Anderson, 2006) was used to measure uni-dimensional grandiose narcissism. Furthermore, superiority competitiveness was assessed through Hyper competitiveness Attitude Scale (HAS; Ryckman et al., 1990). Results indicate the partial mediating role of superiority competitiveness between supervisor’s narcissism and abusiveness. Present study has its implication for improving the hiring and selection criteria of supervisors and their subordinates which ultimate help the organization for better output.