Effect of University Students’ Opting Engineering and Time Spent for Study on the Achievement of their Program Learning Outcomes through Online Education


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Engineering Education, Program learning outcomes PLOs, Online education, COVID-19, Pakistan.


Education process is directed towards the specified ends which are defined as outcomes of education. Educational outcomes may be affected by various demographics of the learners. Present study was designed to find out the effect of engineering students’ opting education and time spent for study on their program learning outcomes through online education. Fourteen hundred and twenty-five engineering students were selected as sample of the study. A survey was developed on five-point Likert type rating scale to measure students’ program learning outcomes and a demographic sheet to measure the time spent for study and opting education by their interest or forcibly. Collected data were analyzed through descriptive statistics and ANOVA. Results revealed that students opted education by choice had higher program learning outcomes than those who opted by force. Results yielded higher PLOs achievement for 4-6 hours spent for study. The lowest PLOs achievement was found for those students who spent less than 2 hours for study. Parents are recommended let their children opt field of education as per their choice. University administration is recommended to develop students’ interest in education for higher PLOs achievement. Engineering students are recommended to spent 4-6 hours daily for study to have higher PLOs achievement